Program Committee

Name Affiliation E-mail Research Interesting
Vipul Aggarwal Department of Information Systems and Operations Management, Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington Crowdsourcing, Cryptocurrencies, Game Theory and Applied Econometrics.
Ali Ahmed College of Business, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire,Assistant Professor. Information Systems Data Mining, Econometrics, Health Portals, Bug Bounty
Mohammed Alyakoob Univ Southern Calif, Marshall Sch Business, information systems, racial inequity, sharing economy
Yang Bao Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Business Intelligence, Multi modal Data Mining, Human-Centered AI
Bowen Zheng Central South University Social media.Information system user behavior, digital workplace, social media and web communication
Chiyu Cai School of Computer and Control Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Machine learning, Data mining and knowledge discovery, Text mining
Xiaofang Cai School of Business, Southern University of Science and Technology Social Network User Behavior, Open innovation community, E-commerce, Knowledge contribution
Xianye Cao Hunan University Of Technology and Business Online medical user behavior, medical service supply management, smart medical care and health management
Jinwei Cao Lerner College of Business & Economics at the University of Delaware social computing, technology mediated learning and knowledge management
Aindrila Chakraborty Dept of Information Systems & Analytics, Texas State University Data and Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Business Analytics, Economies of Information Systems, and IT Policy
Michael Chau Innovation and Information Management in the HKU Business School at the University of Hong Kong Business analytics and big data, Artificial intelligence, Web mining and social media, Electronic commerce, Fintech, Smart health, Security informatics, Human-computer interaction, IT in education
Lin Chen School of Management, Wuhan Institute of Technology E-commerce, Platform Economy, Information Systems Economics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Fang Chen Accounting & Finance Department, University of Manitoba Data analytics, IT project and change management, computer-mediated communication and computer-assisted learning
Jiawei Chen  School of Information Management & Engineering, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics techniques and applications of data mining for business analytics
Wei Chen Eller College of Management , University of Arizona Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing
Guandan Chen State Key Lab Management & Control Complex Syst deep neural, network, social media analytics, and data mining
Daniel Qi Chen M.J. Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University DP management,Web sites,customer relationship management,human factors,occupational stress,product development,profitability,security of data
Xi Chen Professor, Management School, Zhejiang University Information system, big data analysis, social media and social network
Muller Cheung Senior Lecturer at Deakin University Human-Computer Interaction,Crowdsourcing,Enterprise Systems
Roger Chiang Carl H. Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati Text mining.Simulation experiment design and analysis, big data text mining, machine learning
Bingjie Deng International Business School Suzhou, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University human-computer/robot interaction, social media, and consumer information processing
Wen Shi Business School,Central South University Text mining.Simulation experiment design and analysis, big data text mining, machine learning
Honghui Deng College of Business, University of Nevada Las Vegas finance/economics, decision science, operations research and e-commerce
Yifan Dou School of Management, Fudan University Electronic commerce, information system economics, supply chain management
Rong Du School of Economics and Management, Xidian University Business analytics and knowledge management; E-business and IT services management; Global competence and cross-cultural management
Qianzhou Du Business School, Nanjing University  text mining, social media analysis, fintech, crowd wisdom, and open innovation
Shaokun Fan College of Business. Oregon State University Data mining; Blockchain; Social media; Innovation management; Business process management
Yangjie Wang Central South University Economics of Information Systems
Bowen Zhang Central South University Data Mining
Haiyang Feng associate professor of Information Management and Management Science at the College of Management and Economics, Tianjin University Information Products and Service Management; Economics of Information Systems; E-Commerce and Big data analytics
Runshan Fu Assitant Professor of Marketing at New York University, Stern School of Business Using machine learning techniques, analytical modeling, and structural modeling methods
Junfei Chu Central South University Machine Learning
Yong Ge Associate Professor of Management Information Systems,Eller College of Management, University of Arizona data mining, machine learning, recommender systems and business analytics
Chunmian Ge Professor in School of Business Administration, South China University of Technology Economics of Information Systems,Productivity Analysis,Labor Mobility
Dongxiao Gu professor,School of Management at Hefei University of Technology Artificial intelligence and machine learning ,Big data knowledge engineering , Digital economy and digital technology, Smart medical treatment and health management, Intelligent social governance and public management
Yunlong Mi Central South University Cognitive Computing
Zhiling Guo Associate Professor of Information Systems,SCHOOL OF COMPUTING AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Singapore Management University Artificial Intelligence and Data Science,Information Systems & Technology,Computing Practice & Education
Hong Guo Associate Professor of Department of IT, Analytics, and Operations, University of Notre Dame emerging phenomena in IT and firms’ corresponding strategies
Yi Guo Associate Professor , University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business user behavior and new technology, flow theory, online shopping experience, flow and business education, and information quality
Xu Han Assistant Professor of Information, Technology, and Operations,Gabelli School of Business,Fordham University Healthcare Data Analytics,Social Media and Social Networks,Behavioral and Experimental Research,Mathematical Modeling, Optimization and Decision Making,Information security,Blockchain,Machine learning
Lin Hao Associate Professor of Information, Technology, and Operations,Gabelli School of Business,Fordham University Platform Economy,Digital Retail
Qinglai He Assistant Professor in the Department of Operations and Information Management,Wisconsin School of Business machine-human collaboration in content moderation, UGC incentives and creativity, platform policy and polarization
Mingming He School of Economic & Management,Nanjing Tech University Information system user behavior, social networks, knowledge management and innovation management
Chad Ho  Associate professor of Information Systems & Technology Management at the George Washington University School of Business User-generated Content / Online Reviews, Crowdfunding / Peer-to-peer Lending, Social Media / Influencer Marketing,  Mobile Advertising & Analytics, Pricing in Electronic Commerce
Liwen Hou Associate Professor, Antai School of Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Outsourcing, Advertising,Marketing Management,Customer Satisfaction,Customer Relationship Management,Internet Marketing
Jin Hu Professor, School of Environment, Southern University of Science and Technology  Big data and environment;  Urban environmental engineering research;  Restoration of green and sustainable polluted sites;  Research on environmental standards, policies and strategies;  Green technology and cleaner production; Brownfield development and reuse;  Circular economy; Water treatment works.
Jiang Hu, Professor,Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,Texas A&M University Previous research: interconnect optimization, clock network synthesis, variation tolerant design, power efficient physical design, design for manufacturability, large scale circuit optimization and on-chip communication, power management of computing systems, adaptive circuit design and optimization
Daning Hu Assistant Professor,Department of Informatics, University of Zurich (Social) Network Modeling and Analysis; Business Intelligence; Financial Risk Management; Systemic Risk; Reputation Systems; Open Source Innovation; Knowledge Management
Jinghua Huang Professor,Department of Management Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University Byoung-Hyoun Hwang, Cornell University Business value of Information Technology/e-Business, Social Media, Business Model of Internet
Yonghua Ji Associate Professor, Alberta School of Business – Department of Accounting and Business Analytics, University of Alberta Economics of Information Systems;Dynamic Optimization of Software Development;Information Systems Performance Analysis and Optimization
Yabing Jiang Lutgert College of Business,Florida Gulf Coast University Strategic ManagementStrategic AnalysisBusiness Analysis
Yang Jiang Dapeng Yang
Ph. D.Professor (Associate) at Harbin Institute of Technology,School of Mechanics Engineering Artificial IntelligenceData MiningComputing in Mathematics, Natural Science, Engineering and Medicine
Siqi Jiang Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Hong Kong, China  P2P Lending; Loan Description; Readability; Textual Analysis
Yuan Jin Assistant Professor,Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University Online Platforms
Economics of Information Systems
Dahui Li Labovitz School of Business and Economics,University of Minnesota Duluth Technology Innovation, Electronic Commerce, Online Communities
Kai Li Professor, Business Scholl, Nankai University Electric Commerce, Information Management, Big data and Business Intelligence
Xiao Li lecturer, International business school,Beijing Foreign Studies University Big data analysis, open source software community, management information system, social network analysis
Xiaobai Li Professor of Manning School of Business, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Data science, machine learning, business analytics, data privacy, data mining, information economics, health informatics

Data science, machine learning, business analytics, data privacy, data mining, text analytics, Big Data, medical and health informatics, auctions, mechanism design

Jiexun Li Associate Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences, College of Business & Economics, at Western Washington University data mining, business analytics, social media analytics, and health informatics
Boying Li Assistant Professor, Department of Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Management Systems, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China Misinformation on social media (including rumor, fake news, etc.),Online consumer behavior,Pro-social behaviors on social media
Qi Li Assistant Professor, School of Economics and Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Shenzhen innovation, strategy and commercialization of high technology, such as artificial intelligence technologies; platform dynamics, networks, sustainability, and breakthrough innovation
Xiaoyang Li Southern University of Science and Technology Crowd intelligence,Edge learning,Integrated sensing, communication, and computation,Over-the-air computation,Wirelessly powered communications
Chenwei Li Assistant Professor and Deputy Program Director of Project Management, International Business School Suzhou, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Information Dissemination, Information Security and Privacy, Human-Computer Interaction, Social Media and Consumer Behavior
Chunxiao Li Assistant professor, Antai School of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Fintech, user behavior, AI ethics (fairness, transparency, interpretability), and social networks
Xin Li Professor of Department of Information Systems, City University of Hong Kong Digitial Economy, Data Science/Machine Learning, Social Networks, Applied Econometrics
Zhepeng Li Associate Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems, Schulich School of Business, York University data mining, machine learning and computational data science with applications on business analytics, recommendation and social network analytics
Yunji Liang Associate Professor, School of Computer Science, Northwestern Polytecnnical University Pervasive computing, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, information system
Chen Liang Assistant Professor, Department of Operations and Information Management, School of Business, University of Connecticut Future of Work, Bias and Discrimination, Artificial Intelligence, Platform Economy
Huigang Liang Professor, Department of Management Information Systems, East Carolina University IT-related sociobehavioral issues at individual, group, and organizational levels in a variety of contexts
Mingfeng Lin Associate Professor, Information Technology Management (ITM) at the Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology financial technologies (FinTech), Internet-enabled communities and markets, business models as drivers of innovation and entrepreneurship
Lihui Lin Associate Professor, Department of Management Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University Electronic commerce, online healthcare communities, knowledge management, crowdsourcing, open source, open innovation platforms, licensing of intellectual property, IT investment, real options, business analytics
CHEWEI LIU Assistant Professor, Department of Operations & Decision Technologies, Indiana University Business Analytics, Mobile Health, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence
Haoyuan Liu Assistant professor, Information Technology & Operations Management, Nanyang Technological University he future of work, remote work, information technology and productivity, artificial intelligence in management, cloud computing, and business analytics.
Zilong Liu Dongbei University of Finance and Economics Digital governance and man-machine collaboration;O2O and new retail
Cheng Xusen Professor, Department of Economic and Information Management, School of Information, Renmin University of China Sharing economy and digital commerce, big data and AI behavior, virtual collaboration and man-machine collaboration, risk perception and user behavior under COVID-19, meta-universe and digital society, trust and Internet behavior, digital economy and digital transformation
Jun Liu the College of Business & Information System, Dakota State University data and text mining, social network analysis, data provenance,
examining user collaboration in open source environments such as
Wikipedia, and using technology to support business intelligence and
Jianwei Liu, Dalian University Of Technology digital economy;Financial Technology;Tourism and hotel management
Qian Liu Central University of Finance and Economics Household Environmental Behavior, Global Environmental Protection Cooperation,Energy-Water-Food Nexus,SustainableCities
Yangyang Li Central South University Digital Economy
Hefu Liu  Professor,School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China Information system management, IT value Creation, operation management, business model innovation, omni-channel management
Xiaoping Liu Lakehead University Nonlinear control, adaptive control, robust control and their applications to real engineering systems, control of biped robots and parallel robots, nonlinear singular systems and their applications
Aijun Liu School of Economics & Management, Xidian University Job shop scheduling and simulation; Artificial intelligence algorithm;Modeling;Applied Mathematics;Complex manufacturing system optimization.
Xuesong LU School of Data Science and Engineering,East China Normal University Data-driven computing pedagogy, programming language processing, natural language processing
Cao Zike Department of Data Science and Management Engineering, School of Management, Zhejiang University Digital platform management, network marketing, and consumer privacy
Cheng Luo Associate professor,School of Economics and Management, Tianjin University Electronic commerce, human-computer interaction, online consumer behavior
Xin Luo Anderson School of Management, The University of New Mexico Information Assurance and Privacy Innovative Technologies Cross-cultural IS & Strategic Development
Yang Xue Professor of Marketing and E-commerce Department, Business School, Nanjing University Digital economy and platform economy, mobile and social business in the big data environment, free trial software and products, spontaneous virtual team, enterprise and personal information system applications
Liu Xiaoxiao Associate Professor, Department of Information System and Intelligent Business, School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University eHealth, online medical community, health care big data analysis, information systems economics
Baojun Ma Professor, School of Business and Management, Shanghai International Studies University Big data analysis, Business intelligence and data mining
Dan Ma Singapore Management University the economics of Cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service business model analysis, pricing information goods, competitive strategy, and the decisionmaking of new technology adoption
An Lu Professor, School of Information Management, Wuhan University Visualized knowledge discovery; network data analysis; competitive intelligence
Chen Xi Professor, School of Management, Zhejiang University Social media, social network analytics, social business, and Transformers
Ka Chung Ng The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Augmented AI, Business Analytics, Fake News, FinTech, Social Media
Zhilei Qiao University of Alabama at Birmingham: Birmingham, AL, US social media analytics, product innovation, and text mining
Liangfei Qiu University of Florida: Gainesville, FL, US prediction markets, social networks and   social media platforms, telecommunications networks, and economics of information systems.
Wenqi Shen Virginia Tech online virtual community, social media and social dynamics, user generated content, the economics of information technologies, and firm information security
Lanfei Shi University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce: Charlottesville, VA, US examining the impact and effective design of information and AI strategies for digital multisided platforms
Peijian Song Nanjing University Information technology adoption and diffusion Online consumer behavior
Yicheng Song, University of Minnesota  investigating digital user s decision journey and the corresponding firm strategies using inter-discipline approaches: Machine Learning, Bayesian Modeling, Economic Structural Modeling and Reinforcement Learning.
Shijie Song, Hohai University  Health informatics, information systems, user behavior, human-computer interaction
Yongqiang Sun, Wuhan University Knowledge sharing, information technology, mobile health
Haoyan Sun Lehigh University the effect of emerging technologies on user behavior, business strategy, and digital platforms.
Tianshu Sun Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business AND University of Southern California New technology and big data 、Business design and industrial policies that align with new technologies and big data
Jian Tang Central University of Finance and Economics Human-computer interaction, public science, user collaboration, social commerce, incentive mechanism
Hongting Tang, Guangdong University of Technology Big data analysis, knowledge management, user behavior, natural language processing, social network analysis, blockchain application
Alex Tung Associate Professor in the Department of Operations and Information Management at the University of Connecticut artificial intelligence, expert systems, and electronic commerce
Jianjun Wang Dalian University of Technology Data science, medical service, social media analytics, AI, platform economics analysis, supply chain management, scheduling
Shichao Wang Hangzhou Normal University Online social media, web celebrity economy, content marketing, social commerce
Hongpeng Wang School of Business, Lanzhou University Electronic commerce, social media, and information economics
Yu Wang Assistant Research Fellow,Tianjin Key Laboratory of Machine Learning,School of Artificial Intelligence,College of Intelligence and Computing,Tianjin University (TJU) Machine learning, Data mining
Lei Wang Pennsylvania State University Digital health community, location-based services, e-business, and mobile-commerce
Zhiyi Wang Assistant Professor of Information Systems in the division of Organizational Leadership and Information Analytics, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder. open innovation communities, open source software development, online crowdfunding, and economics of information systems.
Xiaopan Wang Department of Information Management and Management Science,Tianjin University Online crowdfunding, e-commerce and social media
Yen-yao Wang  Assistant Professor in Information Systems at the Harbert College of Business,Auburn University interactions of IT, user behavior, and business management. He is particularly interested in the effect of online and offline information on user behaviors and managerial decisions
Zaiyan Wei Krannert School of Management, Purdue University Economics of information systems, FinTech, Platform economics, Social media and networks
Xiahua Wei School of Business, University of Washington, Bothell Innovation and competition, Technology adoption and management, Customer management, Mechanism design of online markets
Zhong Wen School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University Electronic Market, E-commerce strategy, Information product pricing, information Economics
Wen Wen Information, Risk & Operations Management, The University of Texas at Austin Artificial Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Innovation & Institutions, Intellectual Property Rights, Venture Capital
Yi Wu Department of synthetic biology, Tianjin University Synthetic biology, Synthetic Genomics
Zhenhua Wu Department of Accounting, , Nanjing University Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Game Theory and Bargaining, Political Economy, Industrial Organization
Yong Wu Xuri School of Business Administration, Donghua University Information security management, big data driven decision analysis
Long Xia Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine/Deep Learning, Data Mining/Analytics
Yongqin Xie School of Mathematics and Statistics, Changsha University of Science and Technology Differential equations and dynamical systems
Xiaoying Xu School of Business Administration, South China University of Technology Recommendation system, Machine learning, Big data analysis, Blockchain application
Hong Xu Information Systems, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Strategic information communication, Auditing,  Supply chain management, User-generated content, Online reputation, Game theory
Ling Xue Georgia State University  IS strategy and governance, IT business value, platform economics, electronic commerce, and inter-organizational systems.
Zhijun Yan Beijing Institute of Technology Internet medicine, health management, health big data analysis, e-commerce
Yi Yang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Machine learning 、National language processing 、Big data 、Deep learning
Yang Yang University of California, San Diego computational social science, text as data, and development economics.
Zhong Yao , Department of Information System,Beihang University Behavor based IT/IS adoption and diffusion、Knowledge management and E-commerce、Quantitative supply chain management、Data/Web/Text Mining and Business Intelligence、The consume behaviors in social commerce and pricing policy、Bundling Policy for Information Products and Services
Xinlin Yao Nankai University Business value of information technology and innovative operation of Internet enterprises, team cooperation and innovation of technology empowerment, user information behavior and human-computer interaction
Cheng Yi Tsinghua University Electronic Commerce, Human-Computer Interaction, Consumer Behavior, Online Learning
Dezhi Yin University of South Florida expressed and experienced emotions in online environments, user-generated content and crowds (e.g., online reviews, Q&A sites, crowdfunding), and AI technologies (e.g., virtual AI agents such as chatbots, embedded AI)
Liu Yongmei Prof. Central South University Big data-driven decision-making and behavior research, omni-channel management in e-commerce context, mobile medical user behavior research, behavioral psychology experiment
Byungjoon Yoo Seoul National University Mobile game · Partial least squares · Purchase intention · Free items ·Fun · Virtual items
Weijia You Beijing Forestry University E-commerce, social network, forest product supply chain
Yixiu Yu Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management,Ball State University business intelligence, database design, and system security
Yongcheng Zhan Univ Arizona, Eller Coll Management Social Media Analytics,Data Mining,Text Mining,Deep Learning,Social Network Analysis,Public Health Informatics
Yingjie Zhang Univ Texas Dallas, Naveen Jindal Sch Management Information Science & Library ScienceBusiness & Economics
Cheng Zhang Fudan University IT business value, business AI, platform innovation, e-commerce
Chenglong Zhang Assistant Professor of Information Systems in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. sharing economy and fairness in artificial intelligence,blockchain
Xuan Zhang Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) Network systems,Convex optimization,Nonlinear dynamical systems,Learning-based control
Zhe Zhang The University of Texas at Dallas Economics of Information Systems, Pricing Strategy of Information Goods, Piracy of Information Goods, Cloud Computing, SaaS Computing, Daily-deal Websites, Online-to_x0002_Offline Business Model
Guoying Zhang Midwestern State Univ Computer ScienceOperations Research & Management Science
David Zhang College of Business, Lehigh University Economics of Information Systems, Business Value of IT, Health Information Systems, Business Analytics and Emerging E-business Models
Xiaofei Zhang Nankai University Information system, internet medicine, medical big data analysis, platform economy, human-computer interaction
Kunpeng Zhang University of Maryland at College Park developing and applying machine/deep learning algorithms to analyze unstructured data for better firm decisions in online social media platforms
Zhu Zhang Univ Sci Technol China, Sch Management & City University of Hong Kong data mining, health informatics, information systems
Yimiao Zhang Singapore University of Social Sciences Business Analytics and Business Intelligence, Online Consumer Behaviour, User-generated Content
Kang Zhao The University of Iowa  data science, especially the mining, predictive modeling, and simulation of social/business networks and social media
Xiaoping Zhao Shanghai Jiao Tong University Corporate ESG (environment, society, governance), corporate social responsibility, corporate sustainable development, corporate ethics.
Xiaohang Zhao Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Text mining and network analysis in fintech
Weijun Zheng University of Wisconsin – Parkside Data analytics and data management
IT Outsourcing
IT innovation and investment
IT security auditing
LINA ZHOU UNC Charlotte social media analytics, deception detection, knowledge management, biomedical informatics, and intelligent mobile interface
Yilu Zhou Fordham University Big data analytics,Web, text and data mining,Social media mining Business intelligence,Multilingual and multicultural issues,Human-computer interactions
Yingpeng Zhu Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  Interpretable Machine Learning; Recommendation Systems; Fraud Detection
Xiaoyu Zhu Carnegie Mellon University self-supervised/weakly-supervised learning, video analytics, and 3D vision
Zhiya Zuo University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong business analytics, data science, social and business networks
Zhongju Zhang Arizona State University how information systems/technology and data analytics impact consumer behavior, create business value, and transform business models
Mingwen Yang University of Washington data analytics, e-commerce, economics of information systems
Yang Pan Tulane University Big Data, Business Analytics and Economic Impacts of IT
Yumei He Tulane University Online matching, e-commerce, artificial intelligence
Lingli Wang University of Posts and Telecommunications machine-human collaboration in content moderation, platform policy and polarization.